• Workshop "Space for Food Security"

    Workshop “Space for Food Security”

    Together with the Netherlands Space Office and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Waterwatch Cooperative organized on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016┬áthe workshop “Space for Food Security“. This workshop was part of the conference “European Space Solutions 2016” which was held from 30th of May till the 3rd of

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  • Item about modern farmers RTL Z

    Drones, satellites and smart data become more and more indispensable instruments for modern farmers. Please have a look at this item on RTL Z.

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  • Interview with Ad Bastiaansen on New Business Radio

    For 20 years Ad Bastiaansen has been working for Tele Atlas, a pioneering company in the area of digital maps. Tele Atlas was sold for 3 billion Euro to TomTom. At present Ad is chairman of the Waterwatch Cooperative. In this company he is not digitalizing roads but plants. The

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