Crop Disease Alert

Crop Disease Alert is an application created by Waterwatch Solutions and its partners in order to prevent possible crop diseases and sustainable increase of food security.

Crop diseases cause major yield and economic losses worldwide. Global yield losses sourced from pathogens (infectious organisms) and weeds are responsible for 30% of global agricultural production, which represents a loss of 900 billion USD per annum.

Crop Disease Alert aims to overcome this  issue by monitoring a crop’s growing conditions and through the early detection of any change in its environment, which might cause a specific disease to occur. Depending on the factors of the crop’s environmental conditions such as rain, temperature, humidity, etc., Crop Disease Alert conducts a risk analysis for disease occurrence identifying the risk level ranging from green (no risk) to red (high risk) for each possible infection. It then alerts the farmers, the users of the application, and informs them regarding the condition of their crops so that they can apply an appropriate treatment in time. There are different versions of Crop Disease Alert for different crops such as potatoes, onions, wheat, etc. as the method to calculate the potential risks varies for each crop.

The information in the Crop Disease Alert application is based on weather and agronomical data.  Together with its partners SAP, The Next View, Infoplaza, Waterwatch Solutions worked on a pilot version in the “Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture” on May 9-10th 2017 and then at HAS in Den Bosch in SAP Run Live Truck (for the results of the Run Live Truck see this info-graphic: SAPRunLiveTruck-infographic and here is a related article by Ronald Lanjouw from The Next View). Crop Disease Alert 2.0 is now ready with an expected launch date in September. Waterwatch Solutions is also working with a coffee expert from Brazil in order to make the Crop Disease Alert ready to be used for the prevention of the coffee rust disease.

Crop Disease Alert is a smartphone-based application. However, the information is also available through the following channels:

–          Online Website
–          Apps (smartphone)
–          SMS/Text
–          Voice Response
–          Radio
–          Directly from Resources Management Systems

Crop Disease Alert is also a user-friendly app for farmers that has the following functions:

  1. Crop disease risk indicator (Green, Orange, Red) according to location (GPS) and crop combination.
  2. Disease Alert (Push message) when disease risk of a crop field combination is red in next days to come.
  3. Customizable ranges of fields and crop combinations for monitoring.
  4. Insight in time window when you can treat your crops, in relation to weather during next 7 days.
  5. Weather forecast in hourly intervals. ( up to 14 days ahead ).
  6. User registration

Overall, Waterwatch Solutions’ Crop Disease Alert Service provides farmers with actual reliable local information and decision support so that they can:

  • Protect their crops against diseases
  • Make well-informed decisions on growing their crops in time and
  • Increase efficiency through better planning

In this way, Waterwatch Solutions offers a protection to farmers and can reduce a substantial part of crop diseases and increase their yields and incomes. As farmers will apply treatment only to necessary locations, they will also reduce the amount of costly pesticides. This will also decrease the negative impacts of farming on the environment and human beings.

Waterwatch Solutions’ partner SAP has published an e-book in which #RunLiveTruck’s success in spring 2017 is displayed with several customer cases and Waterwatch Solution’s Crop Disease Alert is among them. You can download the e-book here.