Applications in the field
The aim of Waterwatch Solutions BV is to develop services and applications that will help farmers to :

  • Take the right decisions and increase their yields; optimize biodiversity and land use
  • Overcome the effects of climate change which changes the patterns of farmers when to work their land, to give water, to harvest
  • Raise water productivity: more crop per drop
  • Reduce use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Help banks and insurance companies to map the risks and invest more in AgriFood
  • Monitor (global) yields; yield prediction, harvest planning and effect on commodity market
  • Help to predict and monitor droughts and floods


With weather partner Infoplaza WWS, Geodan and SAP, Waterwatch Solutions is developing and marketing the Crop Disease Alert.

The application alerts farmers on disease pressure in their fields using an algorithm that combines growth patterns of Fungi with weather data. Farmers will be able to anticipate and act on pending diseases in their field and enable them to keep their yields intact.