Waterwatch Foundation in Dutch sustainability magazine P+

P+, a noted Dutch magazine about People, Planet and Profit, had an interview with Ad Bastiaansen, chairman of The Waterwatch Foundation. The article was published in the December 2014 edition.

In the interview, Ad Bastiaansen tells about his history and experience in digital map databases. Furthermore, he explains the working of the Global Vegetation Database 3.0 and his data service for farmers.

Read the English article and Dutch summary on the website of P+.
More information about the Waterwatch Foundation


  1. Dick Konijn says

    Geachte heer Bastiaan, beste Ad,

    Is het mogelijk om water hyacinthen te lokaliseren in watergangen, meren etc. Deze drijvende waterplanten blokkeren complete water systemen in tropische landen.

    We zijn voornemens met een aantal Nederlandse bedrijven water hyacinthen om te zetten in bio-methaan gas.
    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Dick Konijn
    ID Consultancy BV

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